Saturday, April 9th, 2016 | Key Biscayne Fire-Rescue Awards

The Key Biscayne Fire-Rescue held awards for several citizens who had assisted others in AED and CPR while waiting for a paramedic to arrive. As well as, awards to the team of citizens helping with the Drug Education program on The Key. Moreover, several firefighters received acknowledgements with the support of family members who attended. Below please find a short summary of how the awards took place in the words of Donald Elisburg, Community Leader:

Nancy and I attended the KBFR awards ceremony this morning at the Village Fire Station.  It was very well attended on a beautiful morning.  The Mayor Mayra Pena-Lindsey and Village Manager John Gilbert were also in attendance. The Color Guard was accompanied by a volunteer bagpiper.  As is customary at these ceremonies the Pledge to the Flag was led by the many children in attendance.  Chief Lang spoke eloquently about the community as a core value of this fire department.  The awards included several to citizens who had assisted others with AED and CPR while awaiting the paramedics and an award to the team of citizens helping with the Drug Education program. A number of the firefighters receiving awards had their families present, and each of those awarded also gave very compassionate remarks.  

This entire ceremony reminded us of  the wonderful community in which we live and the beyond excellence of the public safety organizations that we willingly pay for.  We attended, in part, as the KB Condo President’s Council liaison to the Village as well as responding to Chief Lang’s personal invite to us.  Either way it was an honor to be present and to be reminded of the privilege we have of living in this paradise as well as seeing the core values of America at work.


PS.  The excellent barbeque lunch was the final reminder of the pleasures of small town America.