About the Rocker Family Foundation

Living on Key Biscayne reminds us each day how fortunate we are. Our many blessings make sharing with others both obvious and appropriate.

We are particularly interested in providing educational and artistic opportunities for children in underserved communities which allow them to develop as individuals and enhance their future prospects. We sponsor camping activities and educational dance groups in Florida and New Jersey. We think food banks are important because it is clear that hungry children don’t learn easily.

Recognizing that arts enrich lives, we support and serve on boards of the Adrienne Arsht Center and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. We believe public television and radio which are increasingly important at a time when popular media quality seems to be in decline.

Healthcare, is now the largest portion of our economy and we believe in both supporting local hospitals and working toward making care more efficient and affordable to everyone. Money is increasingly corrupting politics and conferring too much power to an influential few and we seek to reduce that influence. We are grateful that we have these opportunities.

For more information about the Rocker Family Foundation, please contact the Key Biscayne Community Foundation at 305-361-2770.