iPads for Soldiers

iPads for Soldiers, is the charitable fund-raising operation of The C.H.R.I.S. Foundation, collecting donations to purchase iPads for US soldiers serving in Afghanistan. In 2010, founder Winnie Pritchett, whose son Wes was serving in Afghanistan, realized the needs of troops risking their lives far away from their homes and loved ones. Recognizing that those serving in the more remote regions have no TV or cell phone, and no way to carry heavy books or computers in their 110‑lb rucksacks, she decided to do something about it.

To fill the need and to send a message of gratitude, iPads for soldiers started with their first fundraiser “Operation Holiday Cheer”, collecting over $50,000 in donations to purchase iPads for the troops. Since that initial drive, iPads for Soldiers has expanded to visiting wounded warriors at Walter Reed, opening up a whole new realm of reality and needs – and awakening a greater desire to do even more for these brave Americans who have given so much.

Thanks to your donations, soldiers overseas and those in recovery in our nation’s hospitals, now are able to access the Internet, stay in touch with loved ones at home, download eBooks and learn new skills. As our organization and scope of mission has grown, so have the requests. We thank all those who have given so generously to our cause enabling us to provide over 560 iPads to deserving heroes.

Your generosity changes their lives… Learn more here, or make a donation below.