Con Todo Cariño / Listen & Learn is a fund that serves as financial support for The Annual Picaza Neuroscience Lecture Series at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery.

Dr. Jorge A. Picaza became Cuba’s most prominent neurosurgeon, after pursuing the challenging budding specialty of neurosurgery against the advice of his peers who saw no future in this difficult track. He was invited to train at Mayo Clinic under the famous Dr. Alfred Adson and developed into a phenomenally well-rounded intellectual with an eclectic interest in science, nature, history and philosophy. In honor of his memory and his commitment and passion for the Neurosciences, his family and friends have endowed the Annual Picaza Lectureship. Every year The University of Miami’s Department of Neurosurgery hosts an educator of global eminence in the Neurosciences in honor of Dr. Picaza’s legendary devotion for his patients and empathy with their suffering. Dr. Picaza’s legacy and his indelible influence on all that knew him is immeasurable.

Dr. Roberto Heros, co-chair of the Department, will lead the annual search for that great teacher who will ignite further the passion of medical students on a neurosurgical training track. The University, along with family members, a multitude of friends, and a community sensitive to honoring and encouraging excellence in education will welcome a brilliant mind to our midst, and bring us all to a higher level.

In order to achieve this goal and to provide support and growth for the program and the Department, Con Todo Cariño / Listen & Learn will be the conduit for donations from the community at large on an ongoing basis.

Support Con Todo Cariño

Con Todo Cariño / Listen & Learn is a not for-profit fund, managed by The Key Biscayne Community Foundation. To make a tax-deductible contribution to support the Neurosciences or to express your gratitude to a member of the medical community who may have impressed you and to whom you wish to honor, either click the PayPal link below, or please make your checks payable to: The Key Biscayne Community Foundation, 50 West Mashta Drive, Suite 3, Key Biscayne, Florida 33149