Key Biscayne Citizen Scientist Project

Using Citizen and Professional Scientists, the Citizen Scientist Project will develop and continuously update this web site to provide the information needed to maintain the most critical natural resources of Key Biscayne. Like the environment around us, this site will adapt and evolve to meet the needs and interests of the Key. Our goal is to secure a future Key Biscayne characterized by the same bounty of natural resources that exist today, thus maintaining the title of “Island Paradise,” while the Key Biscayne Citizen Scientist Lab provides a place to record and organize your findings in and around our island and to learn more about our island.

The Citizen Scientist Project provides a program to help preserve this Paradise in the face of risks both natural (e.g., hurricanes, tornados, floods) and man-made (e.g. breaks in sewer pipes, dredging, pollution). The program is founded on an educated user base, who will contribute to this preservation.

These users are “Citizen Scientists” who will not only have access to the information on the Key’s resources needed to preserve these riches, but will also contribute to the collection, interpretation, and use of the data. To ensure a broad consensus on the most valuable of the Key’s natural resources, a survey of residents and visitors will be conducted.

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